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About us

Apla provides promotional clothing with prints and embroidery across Europe

Company mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality promotional clothing

that enhances our clients’ image and helps them succeed in their marketing activities.

Through advanced personalization, expert advice, and innovative technological solutions, we offer comprehensive service that is fast, flexible, and tailored to the individual needs of each client.

We understand our clients' problems and solve them, instead of creating new ones

Decoration methods

screen printing

The most durable and cost-effective marking method for large volumes. Our production capacity reaches 100,000 prints per week.


We offer techniques such as gel print, puff, HD, glow in the dark, sugar, crystalina.


Excellent solution for low-volume product series with multicolor prints.


Ideal for application on various types of materials, providing durability and high print quality.


Excellent method for achieving metallic effects and special finishes, giving products a unique look.


Prestigious textile marking using threads. Most commonly used on: fleeces, sweatshirts, jackets, hats.

How can we help you

Advanced clothing customization

Individual labels, tags, and stickers – products are fully tailored to your needs. We also offer individual packaging and additional marking on the package, e.g., a bag with a sticker with the name and surname of the person the clothing is intended for, or a barcode generated by you.

Fast track service

shipment of marked orders within 3-4 days from visualization approval

Attractive discounts for advertising agencies

We offer favorable discounts that increase the profitability of your projects.

Favorable payment terms

We provide flexible payment terms, tailored to your company's needs, enabling better budget management.

Automatic quoting system

Our innovative solution generates quotes in real-time, saving your time.

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Expert advice

Our team of experts will advise you on the best marking techniques and products.

Comprehensive logistics service

We provide shipping to multiple addresses and warehousing of goods.

Highest level of discretion

No-name shipments - directly to your customers, without revealing the sender's name.

We handle inquiries in your language

Our team is ready to answer your questions in your language.

Deliveries across Europe

We ensure fast and secure delivery throughout Europe.

Practical visualizations

We create professional visualizations that are not branded with our logo and can be sent directly to your client, saving your time.

International experience

We serve clients in 13 European countries, which proves our wide reach and understanding of different markets.

Experienced team

We employ over 35 specialists who are experts in their fields, ensuring the highest quality of service and order fulfillment.

Many years of practice

We complete over 2500 orders annually, confirming our efficiency and reliability in delivering promotional products.

How to become our client


Client needs analysis

Recognizing purchasing preferences:
At the beginning of the cooperation, we thoroughly examine your needs. We want to know your company’s data, the approximate number of promotional clothing orders per month, the order value, and any advanced customization needs (e.g., packaging, individual labels, tags). We do not expect detailed data and calculations, just approximate estimates.


Client verification

Checking the cooperation conditions:
After collecting all the necessary information, we verify whether you meet the conditions required for cooperation on agency terms. The greatest benefits from cooperation with our company are obtained by clients executing high-volume orders and requiring advanced customization.

Creating a client account:
After positive verification, we will set up an account for you in our systems, assign a discount level, and determine payment terms and a credit limit.


Ongoing service

Continuous cooperation:
You can take advantage of all the possibilities offered by APLA, including advanced customization, flexible logistics solutions, warehousing, and the support of a dedicated advisor. Continuous cooperation based on trust and transparent communication is our priority, ensuring the effective fulfillment of subsequent orders.

See galleries of selected projects

Our T-shirts have reached the highest peaks in the world and set a collective Guinness World Record

Clothing with prints made by APLA has participated in charity concerts and political rallies, visited the biggest sports arenas during the Champions League or EURO. It accompanies music concerts, marathons, races, and sports camps, and even during the NATO ISAF peace mission in Afghanistan.

Freedom Run featuring representatives from the world of sports, culture, and media. Participants wore t-shirts with the 25th Anniversary of Freedom logo provided by the Office of the President of Poland and made by APLA.

Our t-shirts have been worn while conquering the highest peaks in the world.

The second three-day Polish Birds Club Rally in Goniądz ended with a Guinness World Record attempt. Adults, teenagers, and children dressed in brown, white, and black t-shirts produced by APLA formed the shape of a white-tailed eagle on the school field.

On the TVP Sport program "Piątka od kibiców" (Five from the Fans), a t-shirt with our print was one of the prizes for viewers

The Champions in Schools project, the largest physical education class in the country, featured Olympic gold medalist Otylia Jędrzejczak, naturally in our t-shirts.

Producing uniforms for Polish soldiers on a peacekeeping mission within the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan.

Polish representative Krzysztof Piątek in the colors of Italian Milan with his (our) t-shirt.

We outfit the management and staff of amateur cycling races organized by former Pro Tour rider Tomasz Marczyński.

One of the events under the Otylia Jędrzejczak Foundation.

Summer camps implementing a physical activity program in various sports and tourism disciplines, collaborating with APLA for years.

Production for Composing Software at the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Masters.

Warsaw Critical Mass and an order carried out for the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Dance camps for children. Dozens of events with our prints.

Oswestry Color Run for the Macmillan Cancer Support foundation. The t-shirts were almost invisible, but there were 1,270 of them.

Clarendon Marathon

Milan Club Polonia, the largest AC Milan fan club in Europe, during the Coppa Italia final in Rome.

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Case studies

In 2023, together with our long-term Partner – Marketing Agency from the UK – we completed a project which involved printing almost 5500 tshirts, with print in 2 positions, including one full color design. 35% of the total volume was to be delivered to the UK and remaining 65% across 11 different countries in the EU.
After printing all the tshirts and packing them according to Client’s requirements, we arranged a direct delivery to more than 40 individual destinations in the EU countries.
Due to current UK customs procedure, the whole UK part was sent to our Client’s UK address as a bulk delivery.
To simplify further distribution of the tshirts across Great Britain by our Client, we split and packed the tshirts by individual UK destination, clearly marking each box.
This allowed our Client to smoothly and effectively distribute the goods across the whole country immediately upon receiving them.
The complete project – from Client’s order to actual delivery to all involved countries – took less than 4 weeks.

At the beginning of 2023 one of our Customers – Marketing Agency based in Germany – contacted us with a request to produce more than 4000 hoodies with print in 3 positions.
While discussing the details with our Client, we quickly realized that the project is more complex than we initially assumed.
This was because the End Customer was really determined to get the print on the front of the hoodie done from the very bottom of the hoodie.
And this normally is not doable on a stock product because of the external kangaroo pocket. Having a very good knowledge and expertise of the different products available in the market, our Specialist managed to find 2 models of the hoodies which – instead of a standard kangaroo pocket – have the front pocket „hidden inside” and so allowed to make the print on the front from the very bottom of the hoodie.
After receiving the samples of both products, the Client has selected one of them for the project.
The complete project – from the initial inquiry to a complete delivery to all impacted destinations – took only 4 weeks.

In November 2023 one of our long-term Partners – Marketing Agency from the UK – got an inquiry to produce almost 6000 tshirts with print in 3 positions.
The additional requirements were to use a tshirt made of organic cotton and in a colour as close as possible to a specific orange Pantone colour.
These 2 specific needs, together with relatively high volume, significantly narrowed down the available options.
Our Specialist, having a deep and extensive knowledge of the products available in the promotional apparel market, managed to find a suitable product.
After sending to the End Customer the physical sample of the identified tshirt, the Client was extremely happy with the presented product, as it was the most suitable from all different options that they saw and considered.
One more challenge was to collect the whole required volume as per the specific size distribution.
The reality was that none of the suppliers – neither the Producer, nor any of the resellers – had the complete stock available. However, due to our wide selection of suppliers of different brands, we managed to collect the entire volume needed, in all sizes, from 4 different resellers across the whole Europe.
Taking all that into consideration, the last piece of the project: printing, packing and delivery to the UK was a „piece of cake”.
The complete project – from initial inquiry to a complete delivery to our Client, Marketing Agency in the UK – took 5 weeks.

Did you know?


so many people will see the print on the t-shirt while it’s being worn

of consumers own a printed t-shirt 80%
use it for more than 2 years 47%
* source: research Advertising Specialty Institute®
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